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Micro fabrication through injection molding
       made possible by Microresico®

Micro fabrication innovation by microresico®

Micro fabrication Microresico® has made it possible to micro fabricate 1 μm to 100 μm-size patterns through injection molding. Micrometer size precision
Injection Molding By applying etched silicon wafer as a stamper and managing resin flow, the micro fabricated patterns can now be injection molded -- completely, minutely, and repeatedly. Injection molding using silicone stamper
Mass-production The enhanced durability of stamper makes it possible to mass-produce micro fabricated devices at higher accuracy and lower cost than by conventional methods (i.e. etched silicone wafers, etc.). Tooling & molding technologies for mass production
Unique Resin

Taking advantage of Microresico® as resin, micro fabricated devices can be bonded together completely flush against each other and with strong tightness. When bonded, the surfaces show strong resistance to pressure to make sealed area watertight, which is why Microresico® is so exceptional in fabricating microstructures or micro-devices.
Please look here for peeling test image of bonded structure.

Watertight bonded structure

Unlike directly etched surfaces, the injection molded channel surfaces are smooth and even, allowing fluids to flow at constant speed without the assistance of pump or other pressurizing devices (*).
Click here for the video of fluid flow.

(*) Not all types of fluid.
Injection molded, smooth & even channels

Featuring good transparency (Haze =<7%/t=1mm) to enable microscopic observations with transmitted light along with heat resistance up to 120 ℃, devices made of Microresico® accommodate to various R&D requirements. In addition, resin-made devices do not break and are easy to handle.

Unique properties of microresico®

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Well fabrication sample Well fabrication sample
Dia. 1μm x Depth 1.2 μm x Pitch 2 μm x
Approx. 4 million wells / 4mm x 4mm

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