Laboratory Plasticware

Plastics technology ... as we aspire to
support scientific advancement

As we aspire to make contributions to scientific advancement, we are in constant search for seeds for potential collaboration.
Many projects are already under way in various fields of research in collaboration with government and academia.

Case 1

Case 1: The technology of Microarray System

In the field of antibody preparation development, researches and developments are fast-evolving applying Microarray chips for various types of assays.

The technology of Microarray System is based on a technique to fabricate a surface with microscopic-size wells where microarray chips of Microresico® may be able to reduce cost significantly through mass production.


Case 2


SEM (Scanned Electron Microscope)image of a chip developed through government-industry-academia collaboration

Well Dimension:
Well dia. 10μm
Well depth 14μm
Pitch 20μm

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