Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate Philosophy and CSR Initiatives

Based on the Corporate Philosophy, "to provide good products with our refined and advanced senses that no other company can provide.", we also incorporate the philosophy with our President Policy and Code of Conduct. We strive to be a valuable company that has social credibility as well as customer trust. Each member of Richell, including executives and employees, is engaged in CSR valuing innovative ideas.

Richell's CSR goal is to strive to solve social and environmental issues, all while being supported by many customers through our pet, baby, gardening, houseware, life care and industrial products.

Richell's Company Philosophy System

Company Philosophy System

CSR Initiatives

1. Environmental Initiatives

We, Richell, understand the importance of protecting the irreplaceable global environment and reducing the load on the environment through operations. We desire to act to contribute to the sustainable development of human society .


● Energy saving and prevention of global warming

It is important to use certain limited resources, without wasting energy. We strive to reduce emissions, in order to protect a clean global environment and prevent global warming.

● Promoting Recycling

We sort waste plastics by their quality and recycle them as plastic material. In order to implement the idea 'garbage if mixed, resource if separated', we recycle other materials.

● Environmental Education

In order to cultivate our knowledge and be engaged in environment conservation, all of our employees commit to a positive environmental initiative.

2. Connection with Community/ Society

Richell aims at coexistence and harmony with the local community. We act with a strong desire to contribute to the community where we reside and work and to share our lives in spiritual wealth and peace with customers.


● Involvement with the local community

In order to renovate a community where people can work comfortably and live in spiritual wealth, we participate in regional events and security efforts as a member of society.

● To the next-generation leaders

In order to pass our corporate practices to the next generation, we offer opportunities, such as factory tours and work experience, to youths in the community.

● Sponsoring sports events

In order to develop healthy community and give them vitality through sports, we support local sports teams and events.

3. Relations with Customers

We, Richell, manufacture goods from the perspective of the customer. To contribute to a more spiritually enriched life for our customers, we provide products that you want and enjoy.


● Quality Control

Maintaining a high quality product is a prerequisite for obtaining and maintaining customer's trust.

● Improvement of customer satisfaction

In order to respond to customers further expectations with our products, we explore the 'expected value of products' through the eyes of our customers.

● Mutual Communication

In order to mutually communicate with customers, instead of providing one-way communication we provide customers with company messages and product information through our website.

● Provide better products

It is our philosophy that has been our basic stance and point of origin since our formation in order to provide valuable and good products to create customer satisfaction.

4. Relationship with Employees

We, Richell, feel pride in our ability to work in a safe and comfortable environment, both physically and mentally. While keeping in mind the advancement of human beings and our contribution to society, we have the desire to grow with our customers and to earn value and trust.


● Active and Confident (Work environment)

The company will continue to grow as motivated and confident employees actively contribute and maximize productivity .

● Achieving for ourselves (Human resource development)

In order for each individual to grow as a member of society and as an employee, we encourage employees to work with self-awareness and on his/her own initiative to move toward higher goals.

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