President message

Nobuki Watanabe, President

Richell was founded in 1956 under the corporate philosophy of "Making Good Products" and has been striving to do that ever since. Fortunately, we were able to celebrate the anniversary of our founding in 2016, thereby giving us the opportunity to go back to our corporate roots and rethink what kind of future we envision for our company.

Richell has been able to stay in business for so long because of its many stakeholders: The customers who continue to use our products; our partners who help us in our production and sales activities; our stockholders, and our employees who work together to make "Good Products." Making all of these people happy is the reason for Richell's existence and that is as it should be. Our desire to "provide Good Products for our customers" is the foundation of our company and has been the source of our growth. We will always maintain this desire and do our best to keep producing good results.

Today, our world is filled with things and information and there have been incredible innovations in technology. Conversely, the business environment has its problems, such as the tensions in international politics, the decline in Japan's national potential due to the lower birth rate and aging society, environmental pollution, and other factors. The changes are dramatic. In order for Richell to continue its business and develop, it must have the flexibility to cope with changes in the world, the aggressiveness to proactively transform itself, and a refined and progressive senses.

"Making Good Products" is the social contribution that we can make and it is also the social responsibility placed upon us. Richell shall continue to adhere to and fulfill this philosophy.

Nobuki Watanabe, President

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