Disclaimer of Privacy

Our company possesses information regarding our customers. This document explains how this information should be dealt with, according to Privacy Protection laws.

Private Information We Possess
The two types of customer information we possess are outlined below.
1.Name, gender, address, birthday, family structure, telephone number, email, homepage address
2.Purchase history, history of services provided by us, customers’ opinions of our products, surveys, questionnaires regarding our products’ development
Purposes for Which Private Information is Used
The purposes for which this information is used are outlined below.
1.In the execution of business dealings, contract management, post-contract management and after-sales service.
2.Direct mail sent to customers regarding other products and services. Customers have the right to cancel such direct mail at any time.

We never use customers’ private information for any other purpose.
Protection and Management of Private Information
We set Privation Information Protection Policies and Private Information Management Regulations, and we comply with Japanese laws regarding Private Information Protection. We emphasize to our employees the importance of Privacy Protection, through education and training.

We select a person in each department to be responsible for Privacy Protection. The utmost care is taken to prevent leaks of information. To prevent illegal to access to, loss, destruction or unauthorized revision of information, legal safety steps are taken.

We continuously review the above provisions and improve our measures appropriately.

Privacy Protection May be Assisted by Outside Party.
To provide better service an outside company may be used to ensure appropriate safety measures are maintained. We select only companies which strictly adhere to our standards, and maintain constant management of such companies’ actions.
Providing Private Information to Third Parties

We do not disclose any customers’ private information to third parties without customer permission. However, in exceptional circumstances, outlined below, such information may be disclosed.

1.Where necessary under law
2.When necessary to protect life or property in emergencies, when permission may be difficult to obtain in timely manner.
3.For the benefit of Public Health and the Healthy Raising of Children
4.When necessary to co-operate with national and local government agencies. In such cases where obtaining customer permission might be detrimental to our company.
Disclosure of Privacy
The customer may ask us to disclose the information we possess regarding them at any time. When asked for this disclosure, we will comply. Please contact us at the address below.
Revision or Deletion of Private Information
If the information we possess is out-of-date or incorrect, we may ask customer to update. When customers, themselves, ask for such revision or deletion, we will immediately do so, following confirmation of such request form customer. Please contact us at the address below.
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